Learning together

The only constant in software is change. Therefore it is important for us to spend time learning new concepts, languages, practices and technologies.

Here is how we do it:

⏰ Weekly Developer Meeting

Every Tuesday all developers meet at 13:30 to learn something new.

Since August 2019, we’ve changed this format to focus more on the fundamentals of programming and software. We have had discussions and workshops about topics like complexity, scope, call stacks, data structures and lambda calculus. Apart from discussing “theoretical” topics in a practical manner, we’ve also looked into very practical problems like performance on the web. All sessions are recorded for other to view in the future.

In the past we’ve used this meeting to learn things like the Elm programming language, looked at new libraries or browser features, gave internal talks about things we’ve learned recently, watched talks or video courses together and more.

We have a list of upcoming fundamental topics, which is very long surprisingly compared to talking about the latest trends in web development. 🙂

📺 Free Video Courses

After some time doing the Elm workshops, people expressed in 1on1s that they also want to spend more time learning Elm on their own.

So we’ve bought a video course people can watch 30 minutes per day during work hours to further make progress in mastering the programming language.

🔁 1on1s

These are bi-weekly casual chats with Max, our tech lead. They are mainly about receiving feedback from you.

So if you feel unhappy about something, see room for improvement or need any help/support from us, this is a good time to talk about it.

Additionally these meetings are about your goals. You’ll talk about where you want to go, what you’d like to work on in the future and what you want to learn. We’ll support you.

👯 Pair Programming

When setting up projects or tackling hard problems, pair programming helps sharing knowledge and ideas.

We encourage you to ask anybody to pair with you on things that might be too hard to tackle alone. This can be somebody from your project team or Max, our tech lead. He’ll always find the time to help you.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Workshops

Whenever there is a general development problem that affects all projects, we come together, discuss possible solutions, spend time to think about it and make decisions.

This is for example how our CSS architecture was defined. We spent half a day talking about our different experiences in working with CSS on small and big projects. Then we came up with a solution/architecture, which solves the problems we frequently encountered.

Whenever there is a topic, where you feel we should make a general decision or where we need more knowledge, talk to Max about it and we’ll find a date for the workshop.

👩‍🏫 Internal Talks

Have you learned something new recently, that you want to share? Do you want to speak at a meetup and want to practice your talk or get feedback? Or maybe you have knowledge from previous jobs you want to share with everyone?

Then you are amazing and we definitely want to hear it! 😄 Talk to Max about possible dates and we’ll make it happen.

Priyanka for example gave a nice introduction about accessibility on the web, since she worked on a big accessibility project in India.

✈️ Conferences, Meetups

You have a learning budget and you should use it. 💸 Just talk to us, if you have seen a conference that interests you and we’ll make it happen.

Also let us know, if you plan on going to a meetup. There are likely people that want to join. 🙂

📚 Books

We pay for any book that helps you getting better at your job. Just let us know, which one it is and we’ll order it right away.

Before you ask us, take a quick look at our bookshelf though. Maybe somebody else wanted to read the same book as you and it’s already in our library.

👨🏻‍💻 Max

You might have read his name a couple times by now: Max is our tech lead. His job is making sure you can grow at our company and have fun by doing so.

So whenever there’s anything you need or don’t understand or want to talk about: do not hesitate to talk to him. You can’t miss him: he’s the tallest guy in the office. 🙂