Javascript Developer

If you are reading this you probably have some experience with JavaScript. 🙃

There is a high demand for your skillset, so instead of reading another boring job description you already know (yes we also use React, ES2018, yadda yadda…), we thought you might be interested in the things that might be different at diesdas compared to other companies/agencies.

You will:

  • learn and apply new things you are interested in at work
  • work on different projects instead of one for a long time
  • have a mentor who supports you in your career
  • have regular 1on1s to make sure work is fun and fulfilling
  • work on internal products, like our dashboard
  • review your colleagues code in pull requests
  • have your code reviewed by your mentor/colleagues
  • be able to make design decisions
  • challenge best practices instead of following a dogma
  • evaluate new technologies instead of following the hype
  • learn/write Elm (and other new noteworthy frontend technologies)
  • build node.js servers
  • influence the way we work
  • have a professional development budget
  • get any work-related book for free
  • have free German lessons if you want them
  • get help relocating if you need it
  • leave early on Fridays and only work 38 hours / week
  • get a fair and good salary
  • live and work in one of the best cities in Europe: Berlin
  • have 30 days of paid holiday + your birthday + national holidays
  • work with a bunch of diverse, international and friendly people 🙂
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Where the magic happens

More about us

Feel free to further explore our wiki (the page you are currently on), which is our internal but also public knowledge base. We’ve created it mainly for all new people joining our team, but since this is a good way to get to know us, most of the information is accessible to everyone.

As a developer you might be interested in how we learn together, how we spend our time, what our git workflow or pull requests look like, how we write CSS or which tools we use.

You might also get a feeling how it’s like to work with us from our social media channels: We share ideas and experiences on medium, photos on Instagram, loads of Gifs on tumblr and other things and links on twitter.

What would I be working on?

We aim to have a varied mix of projects, from different fields, with different clients and different challenges. We always try to learn something new and tackle causes we can get behind on. This will also involve our own products in the future.

Here are some current/past examples:

  • a product to connect people with different political views and to enable global political debate, together with a German publishing house and funding from Google
  • a mass-market fintech product; from positioning, through visual branding, interface design, user tests and development of the product itself, as well as the marketing site and a financial magazine
  • the rebranding of a German shoe brand and their online shop
  • the digital ecosystem, multiple games and the main web properties of energy-drink-manufacturer Red Bull
  • websites for type designers, such as HvD Fonts

Let’s chat!

Finally, if this sounds like a place where you would like to work, we’d be happy to chat with you! Just drop Max, Harry or anyone else a message.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an up-to-date CV. We’ll get to know each other anyway. 😄

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