How we work

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On most non-trivial projects we follow agile methods, such as Scrum or KanBan, although we don’t religiously implement all of their rituals. When we say we work agile, we are not talking about a specific process, but rather about a mindset. For us it means the following:

  • keep an open-mind and be able to change course
  • work in close collaboration with the client and their clients
  • have a multidisciplinary team on every project, so people can learn from each other
  • assign a diverse team to tackle challenges from different perspectives
  • stay quick and nimble, questioning your hypothesis, instead of following a grand plan
  • value feedback, no matter where it comes from
  • work with real users/customers to validate assumptions
  • launch early, inspect and adapt, create a feedback loop
  • empower employees to work in a self-organized way
  • take time for reflection and also iterate on the process itself

Now, we gotta be honest here: Not all of this happens on every project and we’re currently evaluating how to get closer to these ideals. Your input and observations are very welcome.

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